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Most people have probably heard of the term "chakra" or "chakras" but many wonder what they really refer to.  As an Australian Nutrition, Weight Loss Mangagement consulting Practitioner as well as a company focused and interested in alternative health (energy healing) we have found plenty of reasons to acquaint ourselves with this energy system and products that will attain for you a higher level of natural health as well as emotional care and well being.
Chakra Diagram for Body and Soul
Sneak Peek at some of the Gorgeous Products in our Range
Ionithermie Active Spa Home Care
Ionithermie Active Spa Home Care
What is Ionithermie? Ionithermie is an exclusive beauty care system, developed in France that is proven to reduce the appearance of cellulite, assist in slimming and firms and sculpts the body.
Ancient Minerals Magnesium Oil
Ancient Minerals Magnesium Oil
The Holistic Shop brings to you 100% organic and natural Ancient Minerals Zechstein magnesium chloride products including "oil" spray/rub-on, gel with aloe vera and super silky bath flakes. Topical magnesium works 12 times faster at relieving aches/muscle spasms and promoting relaxation and well being, compared to oral magnesium, according to studies by Dr Norm Shealy.
Weight Hoop
Weight Hoop
Weight: 1.2 kg and 1.5 Kg Diameter: 100CM Pipe diameter: 3.5CM Parts: Six parts connecting The collapsible hula hoop packed in coloured box with carrying handle and is convenient to carry and store. Unique wavy design inside the hoop makes the hoop easier to stay on your body and better workouts to your muscles. Soft coloured sponge covering, smooth and comfortable. Slim your waist week by week until fit, is good for losing weight and lessening obesity. For fitness workout, massage and having fun.
NEW Age and CHAKRA Jewellery
NEW Age and CHAKRA Jewellery
NEW Range of NEW Age and CHAKRA Jewellery for the spiritually uplifting. Each piece is Handmade truely Unique. ...... a wearable work of art GIFT for all occassions.... Available in Pendants and Earrings.
One of the best features of our unique chakra aromatic energy candles is that they contain only virgin palm wax and pure essential oils; the meditative state is not diminished by emissions of soot and toxins as the chakra candles burn.We are pleased to be able to offer these pure, high quality chakra aromatic energy candles at such a competitive price. Chakra energy candles can be purchased individually or as a set of all seven Chakra candles.

Ear Candles
by Naturhelix

Ear Candles by Naturhelix available ay the Holistic Shop in Wagga Wagga.These unique ear candles, manufactured in Hungary since 2003, are now available in Australia.
They are made from natural ingredients, eg organic beeswax, cotton and quality essential oils. Helix in shape, according to therapists the actual handwork and the helix shape strengthen the candle's beneficial bioenergetic effect.
We have a superb range to choose from with several different aromatic infusions - lavender, chamomile, eucalyptus and geranium - essential oils.
We also offer Crystal (Detox Therapy) Ear Candles with a mixture of pure essential oils and Propolis Ear Candles (Propolis is a natural cleanser).
The candles are beautifully coloured to reflect their natural sources. Their eye-catching colours and wonderful aromas give instant appeal.  Important features are incorporated to provide quality, effective, comfortable treatments, including a gauze filter (preventing candle residue dropping into the ears), a marker line indicating the safe burning level, a flame-proof protective disc and clear illustrated FULL colour user instructions.

Each ear candles length is approximately 23cm and the burning time is around 10-12 minutes , Naturhelix Ear Candles are included on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods our ARTG ID is 185554.

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