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What is the definition of holistic health?

It's a wellness approach that addresses the body, mind and spirit or the physical, emotional/mental and spiritual aspects of an individual. By spirit or spiritual, I am not making a reference to anything religious. We're talking about the essence of who you are -- the core self.

The body, mind and spirit are not independent of one another.  They are intertwined.  What affects one affects the others.  A philosophy that focuses on only one aspect is an incomplete approach. The definition of holistic health may encompass many different elements depending on which field of thought you're dealing with.  It is sometimes referred to as complimentary health, alternative health or natural health.  These terms are often, but not always interchangeable.  A treatment approach can be complimentary, alternative or natural without necessarily being holistic.  However, most holistic approaches are considered to be complimentary, alternative or natural.

How is this attained?

Most people have probably heard of the term "chakra" or "chakras" but many wonder what they really refer to. As a company focused and interested in alternative health (energy healing) we have found plenty of reasons to acquaint ourselves with this energy system and products that will attain for you a higher level of natural health as well as emotional care and well being.

Other modalities of Holistic/Alternative Health include and not limited to include Crystal Therapy, Reiki, Flower Essences and much more...

Chakra Diagram for Body and Soul | The Holistic Shop in Wagga Wagga

Sneak Peek at some of the Gorgeous Products in our Range

Ancient Minerals Magnesium Oil
Ancient Minerals Magnesium Oil
The Holistic Shop brings to you 100% organic and natural Ancient Minerals Zechstein magnesium chloride products including "oil" spray/rub-on, gel with aloe vera and super silky bath flakes. Topical magnesium works 12 times faster at relieving aches/muscle spasms and promoting relaxation and well being, compared to oral magnesium, according to studies by Dr Norm Shealy.
Pendants and Earrings
Pendants and Earrings
NEW Range of NEW Age and CHAKRA Jewellery for the spiritually uplifting.

Each piece is Handmade truly Unique a wearable work of art

A GIFT for all occasions

Available in Pendants and Earrings.
Blessed Herbals (Blessing Kits) by 
Coventry Creations
Blessed Herbals (Blessing Kits) by
Coventry Creations
Where Magic Happens

Where Magic Happens is a big claim and a big vision to fill. At Coventry they see the magic as the moment when you move past your limiting challenge into the healing that manifests the life you desire. Magic is their and our passion, and we live that passion in every candle, message and fragrance created.

Do Spiritual Candles really work and how ?

They do work, and with 20 years of repeat business that proves it. If that isn’t enough, they have story after story from customers around the world that tell us how a Coventry candle has changed their lives. We know that the changing was 90% their own effort—intention and magic—they just provide the energy to help them over their spiritual block.

It doesn’t make logical sense that an intentional candle can change your life. Again, you do the changing; Coventry’s candles are the catalyst. It’s the blend of the right oils, herbs, colour, words and that extra mojo that Coventry adds into every product that they make. What they create is the vibration that your intention will match; you are then empowered to unlock the magic that you already hold inside. You are the ultimate magic maker in your own life; Coventry products just give you that nudge or spiritual road map to get you out of personal short circuit and into healing.

Ear Candles by Naturhelix

Ear Candles by Naturhelix available at the Holistic Shop in Wagga Wagga.
These unique ear candles, manufactured in Hungary since 2003, are now available in Australia.
They are made from natural ingredients, eg organic beeswax, cotton and quality essential oils. Helix in shape, according to therapists the actual handwork and the helix shape strengthen the candle's beneficial bioenergetic effect.

We have a superb range to choose from with several different aromatic infusions - lavender, chamomile, eucalyptus and geranium - essential oils.
We also offer Crystal (Detox Therapy) Ear Candles with a mixture of pure essential oils and Propolis Ear Candles (Propolis is a natural cleanser).
The candles are beautifully coloured to reflect their natural sources. Their eye-catching colours and wonderful aromas give instant appeal.  Important features are incorporated to provide quality, effective, comfortable treatments, including a gauze filter (preventing candle residue dropping into the ears), a marker line indicating the safe burning level, a flame-proof protective disc and clear illustrated FULL colour user instructions.

Each ear candles length is approximately 23cm and the burning time is around 10-12 minutes , Naturhelix Ear Candles are included on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods our ARTG ID is 185554.

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