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Certified (Bio) Organic Ear Candles
As recommended by 2 of the UK's best known ear candle trainers and authors of 'Ear Candling in Essence' Lesley Hart and Mary Dalgleish. 

Authors Lesley Hart and Mary Dalgleish recommend Naturhelix Ear Candles | The Holistic Shop in Wagga Wagga
Our Organic (Bio) Ear Candles are made from certified organic beeswax and certified organic unbleached cotton linen supplied by controlled manufacturers.

The natural colour and honey fragrance of the candles are due to the high quality organic ingredients. The organic candles are hand-made without additives or colourants in a special, separated area.

organic beeswax certified by Biokontroll Hungária Kft., Hungary
organic cotton linen certified by Control Union Certifications, Netherlands

Naturhelix Organic (Bio) Ear Candles all natural ingredients | The Holistic Shop in Wagga Wagga
Gauze filter

Every Naturhelix ear candle is supplied with a multi-layered gauze filter. This filter at the bottom of the candle makes the treatment more pleasant, because the filter offers more comfortable and softer sensation in the ear than the hard bottom of the ear candle. In the same time it completely protects the ear and the skin of the receiver.
Protective Disc

Naturhelix Ear Candles Protective Disc supplied with all packs of Ear Candles.
All Naturhelix ear candle contain a protective disc which will prevent the residue from falling onto the skin and excessive heat being generated onto the skin of the receiver or practitioner.

Naturhelix Certified Bio Organic are available in packs of 10 
Naturhelix ORGANIC Ear Candles (10)
5 Pairs Certified Bio Organic

complete with FULL Instructions and Protective Disc.

NEW Lower
Price: $79.75 $59.00
Naturhelix Treatment Cloth BIO
Product Features
For use during ear candling sessions .
Enhances comfort and hygiene
Made from 100% BIO Cotton

Shaped hole for placing over the head and ear.
Measures approximately 28 x 28 cm
Price: $29.95
Ear Candling in Essence (Book)
Ear Candling in Essence (Book)

by Mary Dalgleish and Lesley Hart (Paperback - 26 May 2006)

Designed to inspire and to motivate, Ear Candling in Essence provides students with an exciting and accessible introduction to ear candling.
Price: $39.99

Organic Ear Candles by Naturhelix Australia | The Holistic Shop in Wagga Wagga
 A word of caution:
Remember, ear candling is a home remedy and is not a cure for any disease or specific ailment.  Ear Candling is not designed to take the place of professional medical advice or treatment when it is indicated.  It's important to note that some people should not use ear candles.  

For instance, people who have had ear, nose, throat or sinus surgery recently, and those with tubes in the ears are not candidates for candling.  Anyone with ear drum rupture, perforation, or experiencing bleeding of the ear, should see a doctor immediately as this indicates a serious ear problem. 

As with all home remedies, anyone using ear candles must assume full responsibility for their use and should always follow our instructions.

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