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Wicked Good Room Sprays

Wicked Good Room Sprays by Coventry Creations | The Holistic Shop in Wagga Wagga

Wicked Good Room Sprays have been a popular item in Coventry Creations downtown store for years and we are excited to have them now available for purchase here in Australia.  Jacki at Coventry Creations created these sprays for an event and they sold out so quickly, she decided to add them to their in store items!  

Smudge Spray - Sage and Rosemary - OUT of STOCK
A 4 oz (118ml) spray bottle with mister. A blended oil of Sage and Rosemary.

Our most popular spray! The sage and rosemary blend is all about cleansing your space or your personal energy. This is an effective powerful alternative to burning sage.

Wicked good sprays are skin safe, you can use the spray wherever you would smudge and clear out that energy. Please shake well before using.
Price: $26.50
Sacred White Sage World Magic Votives - OUT of STOCK
A natural white candle with a blend of three sacred sage oils.

Each votive burns for 10 hours.

The Sacred White Sage candle can be used in place of sage smudge sticks. Use to spiritually cleansing any room, person or magical working. Sage clears the energy that had been limiting your growth and to the connection of the unlimited abundance of the universe.

Blessing: I use this sacred white sage to cleanse from me all the negativity and dissonant vibrations from my body, my home and my spirit. I send this energy to the great spirit and mother earth, never to be returned.
Price: $5.50
Dragons Blood Spray - Good Fortune
A 4 oz (118ml) spray bottle with mister. A blended oil of Dragon’s Blood fragrance.

Dragon’s blood can be used to charge up a room in to power up its fortune or you can use to lift your energy field’s mood to bring good fortune your way. Dragon’s Blood is a tree resin from egypt and no dragons were hurt in the creation of this spray.

Wicked good sprays are skin safe, you can use the spray wherever you need to power up some good fortune. Please shake well before using.
Price: $26.50
Dragon's Blood Witch's Brew Votives
A blood red candle with dragon’s blood fragrance.

Each votive burns for 10 hours.

Sweet smokey resin to power up your magic. Dragon’s blood, a resin from China the East Indies and South America, comes from some of the earth’s oldest trees. This resin helps one define and empower spells.

Blessing: By Air Fire Water and Earth, I craft this spell on heart and hearth, I call forth this vitality and force, My dragon awakens and finds its course. My spell complete and my magic fair, my words strong this witches prayer.
Price: $5.50
Karma Kleaner Spray- Spiritual Cleasning
A 4 oz (118ml) spray bottle with mister. A blended oil of amber musk and peppermint sage.

When the small things start to derail your day, it’s time to clear out that stuck on karma and get your energy moving again! This spray uses the combination of peppermint sage for cleansing and clearing out negative and obsessive energy with amber musk to energize and attract great energy your way

Wicked good sprays are skin safe, you can use the spray wherever you need to clean out bad karma. Please shake well before using.
Price: $26.50
Blessed Herbals | Good Karma Blessing Kit
A triad of Emotional Balance, Healing and Needed Change. Votives Burn for 10 hours.

Good Karma takes effort and a commitment to personal healing. Use this triad of candles to begin the healing process. Clear the karma from lifetimes and generations back, thus bringing this life into balance.

Blessing - I release any events in this lifetime and those past that block me from Good Karma. I forgive all events that have disappointed me and have learned their lessons.
Price: $26.50
Their Wicked Good Sprays are the perfect thing to use whenever you need a little extra help with almost anything; be it money, protection cleansing and so much more!  A 4oz bottle with mister, the sprays are skin safe and please remember to shake well before using.