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Ear Candles for Children
Children's Ear Candles
As recommended by 2 of the UK's best known ear candle trainers and authors of 'Ear Candling in Essence' Lesley Hart and Mary Dalgleish.

Lesley Hary amd Mary Dalgleish leading authors recommend Naturhelix Chakra and Ear Candles | The Holistic Shop in Wagga Wagga
Specalised Ear Candles for Children available at The Holistic Shop in Wagga Wagga
These specialised ear candles for children in vibrant rainbow colours are made from natural ingredients, e.g. organic beeswax, cotton and infused with the essential oil chamomile, known for its soothing properties - its gentle quality being ideal for use on children.

They are smaller in size for shorter treatments and to fit easily into children’s ears

Important features are incorporated to provide effective, comfortable treatments, including a gauze filter (preventing candle residue dropping into the ears), a marker line indicating the safe burning level, a flame-proof protective disc and clear user instructions.

Helix in shape, each candle size is approximately 18cm and the burning time is around 8 minutes for each ear.

Naturhelix Ear Candles for Children (10)
5 Pairs

Helix in shape, each candle size is approximately 18cm and the burning time is around 8 minutes for each ear. Infused with the essential oil Chamomile.

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Price: $74.75 $55.00
Treatment Cloth( BIO) Organic
These cloths cover the area around the ear, encouraging the receiver to feel comfortable and safe, while enhancing hygiene during treatments.
Made from 100% cotton towelling and measuring approximately 31 x 31 cm, there is a shaped hole for placing over the ear.

Product Features

For use during ear candling sessions
Enhances comfort and hygiene
Made from 100% Organic (Bio) Cotton
Shaped hole for placing over the ear
Machine Washable

For additional Protection
Price: $29.95
A word of caution:
Remember, ear candling is a home remedy and is not a cure for any disease or specific ailment. Ear Candling is not designed to take the place of professional medical advice or treatment when it is indicated. 

It's important to note that some people should not use ear candles.  For instance, people who have had ear, nose, throat or sinus surgery recently, and those with tubes in the ears are not candidates for candling. Anyone with ear drum rupture, perforation, or experiencing bleeding of the ear, should see a doctor immediately as this indicates a serious ear problem. 

As with all home remedies, anyone using ear candles must assume full responsibility for their use and should always follow our instructions, especially when using with Children

Ear candling should ONLY be preformed by an adult. 

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